Learnings from Lockdown: Introducing the MyWealth App

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Learnings from Lockdown

Don’t worry. You won’t see the word “unprecedented” anywhere in our lockdown learnings below, and we certainly won’t be delivering a heartfelt message in the guise of a “funny” Zoom call.

We’ve all been through an uneasy, even scary, time lately. And we feel the best thing to combat that unease is some straightforward reassurance by sharing what we have learned during lockdown and how it is already improving the ways we can support your financial journey in the future. With one very exciting development in particular…

Staying home to make your money go further

One of the greatest revelations of lockdown has been the almost universal realisation that many of us can work from home (WFH) just as capably, and in some cases even more effectively, as we can in the office.

The fears of employers that their workforces would be sat at home watching Netflix and letting their inboxes fill up have been proven (mostly) unfounded, in our national WFH experiment. Because even though we were forced apart, we still had the technology to continue working together.

Whether using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other video-conferencing weapon of choice, after a brief adjustment period, you may have noticed the same benefit we did… efficiency.

We have always taken a personal approach at Lomond Wealth; placing face-to-face connection with our clients at a premium. But by being forced into a world reliant on online meetings, we found that we didn’t lose our valued connection with clients. Instead, we gained time back from travelling to meetings that we could then invest in advising them.

Sign of the times

One particular challenge of lockdown in our industry, was finding a secure way to carry out work that required signatures. Being temporarily unable to use the postal service, we adopted Adobe Sign to obtain electronic signatures.

However, whilst this was a secure solution, we found it added steps and created more hassle for you. Our aim is to always keep our services and processes as simple as possible, so that you feel in total control of your financial journey.

This inspired us to find a better solution. Something that we may not have looked into were it not for the challenges of lockdown, but a solution we now know will help us achieve your financial goals long after lockdown has ended.

Introducing the Lomond Wealth – MyWealth App

If our learnings from lockdown have taught us any one thing, it is that embracing technology is more important than ever. And it is with that in mind, that we have developed our very own wealth management client app – MyWealth.

Not only does the MyWealth app overcome key lockdown challenges by allowing secure communication with your advisor and digital signatures via the built in DocuSign feature, it has so much more to offer.

Available to all our wealth management clients, this simple and secure app works across your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to make managing your personal financial journey easier and more efficient than ever.

MyWealth will play a crucial role in helping us to protect your financial goals, whilst also protecting your wellbeing; by allowing us to work together safely and seamlessly as lockdown continues to ease and we navigate whatever the future holds.

Watch out for our upcoming blog for a full review of the MyWealth app, exploring its key features one by one. But if you can’t wait, you can learn more and download MyWealth for free today, from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.

We hope you are as excited about it as we are.