Six Stage Process


Our Initial Meeting


The first thing we invest is time. Our process always begins by learning as much as we can. We start by getting to know your hopes and fears, discussing any previous investment experiences you’ve had and identifying the level of risk that is comfortable to you, as well as answering any questions you might have. This initial meeting is held at our office as this allows us to focus and have access to our systems and support.


Understanding your needs and objectives

Big dreams need a little help. Everyone has a vision for where they would like to be financially. Unfortunately, without a little guidance, many people will fail to get there alone. In our next meeting, we dive into your needs and your dreams. This sets clear goals early, and we will never lose sight of them from that day on.


Analysis of Your Circumstances

You are here. Before mapping a route to your ideal financial destination, we first need to identify where you are setting out from. Our research team works side-by-side with your advisor, analysing your current assets and commitments as well as your goals. As they work to develop your financial strategy, we begin to see the road ahead, as well as your time of arrival.


Recommending Your Ideal Strategy

A simpler path to prosperity. We pride ourselves on making confusing and intimidating financial jargon easy to understand. While we will send you a detailed personalised report, we are always happy to meet in person to discuss our recommendations. This ensures you have complete clarity and confidence, in a wealth strategy you helped us create, before any action is taken.


Implementing Your Approved Strategy

Starting our shared journey. Once you are fully satisfied with your wealth strategy, the time has arrived to put things into motion. Your advisor will keep you informed at every stage of implementation. And as we set out together towards your ultimate financial destination, rest assured, our service does not end when your strategy begins.


Reviews and Ongoing Support

Here for you all the way. We’ve worked hard to build a team of experts who care about building lasting relationships just as much as lasting wealth. As with any journey, there will be bends in the road, but with continuous communication and regular reviews we can navigate every turn together.

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Chartered Status

As a Chartered Financial Planning firm, you can be confident that Lomond Wealth is committed to delivering standards that exceed industry requirements; a professional code of ethics; continuous improvement in all areas; and the ongoing development of our team. All so we can support you, in the way you expect and deserve.