How We Charge

We’re committed to providing you with a clear and transparent service, in all areas. This includes the way we structure our fees. Before you commit to anything, we will ensure you fully understand the basis of our financial advice and the costs that will apply when proceeding.

During our initial meeting, which is at our expense (any additional meetings may be subject to a fee), we will take time to explain our services and go over our client agreement document which outlines our charging structure in full detail.

In summary, fees typically fall into three areas:

  • Initial Fee: This is sometimes referred to as an Implementation Fee.
  • Provider Fees: Deducted by financial service providers e.g. mortgage providers, sometimes referred to as Product Charges.
  • Ongoing Advisor Charge: This will be dependent on the type of ongoing service we provide.

While fees vary by service, we will ensure the cost of your personal financial plan is always absolutely clear, both initially and on an ongoing basis.

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