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Is now the time to switch to Ethical Investing?

Ever thought about making the switch to Ethical Investing for your pension or investment plan? Well, here’s why now might be the perfect time to turn over a greener leaf.

The summer 2021 was Scotland’s fourth driest on record, with 47% less rainfall than expected and temperatures soaring to over 29o!

Now, whether you’re a full-blown sun-worshipper or you’re the first of your friends to say, “it’s bit too hot though, isn’t it?” there’s no denying that Scotland’s reputation for being a dreich place to live and visit is quickly evaporating.

But is that really a good thing?…

Water people worried about?

As a country whose parade has literally been rained one for so long, it’d be easy to be complacent and even a little happy about the changing weather. After all, it’s not like a country like Scotland has to worry about running out of water. Or do we?

Following the driest Summer since 1869 in certain areas, we are still consuming water at an alarming rate and reservoir levels are at record lows. And with less rain than usual forecast for October and November, Nessie could soon be looking for any puddle she can find.1

As bad as that sounds, the silver lining (of the non-existent clouds) is that this extreme weather is highlighting the severity of the climate crisis at the perfect time. Right before the world arrives in Glasgow to look for a solution.

COP26 is coming to Scotland

The entire world is looking for a solution to the climate crisis, from electric cars to Ethical Investing. And from 31st October to 12th November, all eyes will be on Scotland.

Glasgow will be host to the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, commonly called COP26. This conference is marked to be the event that sets the tone for what the world’s leaders will do to correct the world’s climate crisis.

COP26 will bring governments, organisations and people together from around the world to accelerate the progress we are all making towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

How can my pension make a difference?

While physical and material changes to our lives will take centre stage at COP26, the financial products and services you choose have a bigger impact than might you think. After all, nothing creates change in the world like money, right?

In fact, research has indicated that by moving a £100,000 pension pot from a traditional portfolio including oil and gas companies into an Ethical Investment portfolio, can have the equivalent impact of taking five or six cars off the road a year!2

The more people who start to speak up on climate change through their pension plan choices, the more global industries will have to adapt. And while we should all keep recycling and turning the lights off when we leave a room, Ethical Investing is where your power as an individual really lies.

Talk to us about the switch to Ethical Investing

At Lomond Wealth, we have no preference how our clients invest their money. We simply want to provide all the information and answer any questions they have, so they can make the right choice for themselves and their loved ones.

But if you feel the right choice for you is to switch into a greener pension or investment plan, get in touch today for a chat with our Ethical Investing specialist.


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