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All you need to know about the MyWealth App

If you haven’t downloaded the Lomond Wealth MyWealth App yet, or you have but are unsure on how best to use it, this one is for you. We know that new things, even good ones that change our lives for the better, can take a while to adopt.

We humans like our world to stay familiar and will often resist adapting our ways for as long as possible. But here are 7 reasons why you don’t want to delay taking advantage of our new Lomond Wealth MyWealth app any longer, plus some feedback from those already using it to help guide their financial journey…

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Reason 1 – Stop guessing. Start knowing.

Tracking your investments has never been easier. MyWealth shows you valuations that are refreshed daily, so you can always stay in the know and up to date. It also tracks the value of your assets and liabilities over time; for you, your partner, your dependants, your trusts, your companies, everything. And don’t worry if you don’t have time to dig into the details. It’s all brought together in your MyWealth dashboard, so you can see the big picture in seconds.

“The MyWealth app provides me with a helicopter view of all my finances and the detail when I need it. I love it.”


Reason 2 – You are not an elephant.

They never forget, sadly we do. But now you can keep an eye on all your upcoming renewals, payments, income and maturities; as well as adding your own events such as MOTs, Road Tax, and HMRC payments. Best of all, the Lomond Wealth MyWealth App will send you reminder notifications, so you never miss a thing.

“Now I only have to remember one login to access all of my important financial accounts and documents.”


Reason 3 – Have your files at your fingertips.

MyWealth lets you store all your important documents in a single secure and organised location. Wills, property deeds, insurance contracts, policy documents, valuations and statements, can all be accessed in moments with a couple of taps, whenever you need them.

“I feel in control, and I feel more confident making important financial decisions.”


Reason 4 – Know how your money moves.

We all have a rough idea of our income and expenditure, but real control comes from detailed knowledge. This makes all the difference when planning for your financial future. MyWealth lets you see all your bank accounts, credit cards and store cards together under one secure login, tracking income and spending so you really know where your money goes.

“It’s great being able to see all of my recent transactions in one place rather than logging into several different websites.”


Reason 5 – Get instant access to your advisor

Meeting face to face is less straightforward than it used to be, and secure remote communication is crucial. MyWealth allows fully encrypted in app messaging, as well as secure document transfer. You can even sign and return paperwork in seconds using the integrated DocuSign function. Plus, you will receive notifications whenever a document arrives, and a reminder to book your annual review via the built in Calendly function. Even while staying apart, in many ways MyWealth lets us work more closely together than ever before.

A phone showing the MyWealth app advisor communication tool

Reason 6 – It’s the key to property portfolio tracking

Keeping track of your property values with MyWeath could not be easier. Simply enter your house number and postcode and the app will display the details of your property and begin to track its value using the most up to date Land Registry data.

“For the first time I can see what I’m worth. I can see my home going up in value, as well as what my savings are doing.”


Reason 7 – Privacy is priority #1

We built MyWealth to ensure your personal information is stored and exchanged using the most secure methods, including bank level data encryption. Select your default privacy settings when you log in for the first time. Plus, from your advisor to your partners, you can easily control who sees what by choosing individual security settings for each financial item you add in the future.

An iPad showing the Lomond Wealth MyWealth App security features

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Now you’ve heard what others have to say, why not make up your own mind. Download MyWealth today to start seeing and even feeling the benefits of having total control over your financial journey.

Available now, from the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

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