You might have noticed some of our cracking financial Christmas jokes popping up on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages over the last two weeks. And since crackers often have some trivia in them too, here are few facts to go with each of our festive funnies.


Q1: What % of the UK working population do not have a pension?

A1: In the UK, 19% of the working population say they have no form of private or workplace pension. Another 18% say that they only have a workplace pension, no private pension.

It’s never too late to start or reassess your pension plan. Make getting in touch with us your New Year’s resolution and we’ll make sure you’re not still working at Santa’s age.


Q2: How much could the average self-employed worker lose annually through illness?

A2: In a 2017, taking extended sick leave would have cost the average UK self-employed person £67,550 without income protection. And scarily, an Opinium survey found that 93% of the UK self-employed workers did not have any protection for long-term sickness.

After the madness of the last couple of years, if you’d like to join the 7% who sleep better at night knowing their income is protected, we’re here to help.


Q3: How many words are in an insurance policy?

A3: More than you’d ever want to read. In fact, they can reach over 24,000 words per policy! Aegon’s life insurance product boasts a whopping 24,758 words, closely followed by Zurich’s level protection cover at 24,102. *Yawn*

Santa might fly around thinking he’s powered by magic, but Mrs. Claus knows better. If she misses an important clause, Santa’s insurance policies might not pay out when he needs them, and Christmas would be cancelled!

We’re here to help make sure that never happens to you and your family.


Q4: How much pollution could you eliminate with a £100k ethical investment portfolio?

A4: Anyone who read our Ethical Investing Blog should know this one. By shifting a £100,000 traditional portfolio which includes fossil fuels, into an ethical investment portfolio, you can eliminate emissions equal to taking 5 to 6 cars off the road!

Thinking about going green in 2022? Get in touch to hear about the opportunities available with ethical investments and pension plans.


That’s it for 2021!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Lomond Wealth.